Vision and Mission

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A Greener Future Through Education

Indonesia is one of the biologically most diverse countries in the world with an impressive number of endemic wildlife species and incredibly rich natural resources. Unfortunately, these important resources are heavily over-exploited and wildlife together with their (forest) habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate. In Indonesia levels of environmental awareness are low and education regarding conservation needs and environmental issues is virtually absent.

In East Kalimantan, one of the largest provinces in Indonesian Borneo we intend to increase this awareness through:

  • Creating an environmental education facility where all activities embody principles of wise environmental management and conservation;
  • Providing environmental education through our sun bear enclosure, interactive education displays and programs for schools and other community groups;
  • Promoting appreciation of Balikpapan’s mascot, the Malayan Sun Bear (beruang madu) through a naturalistic enclosure for 6 confiscated sun bears and information about its life cycle, habitat, and threats to existence;
  • Highlighting differences between wildlife and pets through a domestic animal education program;
  • Providing environmentally friendly recreational opportunities to the region’s residents and visitors, including the disabled.

These goals will be accomplished through the Kawasan Wisata Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (KWPLH) which translates to Environmental Education and Recreation facility. The KWPLH is a 10 hectare environmental education facility located 23 km north of Balikpapan in East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.